3 Days at the Eden Project.


Today I wanted to share some photographs I took on our classes' three day residential trip to The Eden Project and share what I thought of the experience. We went on the first week of October and the purpose of the trip was to take photographs of the workers there and to learn more about the project itself. I had never been there before but it is somewhere I have been wanting to visit so was really excited when my lecturers told us we had a trip planned there.

We stayed at the Youth Hostel there in Snooze Boxes which are rooms made from re purposed shipping containers, which were very cosy to say the least and had a bunk bed and double bed in it. Each day we used the land train to get into the project and back from the hostel, and we were lucky enough to have our breakfast and evening meal in the dining area between the biomes, when the project was closed to the rest of the public.

Our first day involved us exploring the biomes on our own which really are beautiful. There is the rain forest biome which Eden is most famous for as it is the biggest rain forest in captivity in the world. The other biome is the Mediterranean biome which was my personal favourite as it is beautifully curated and made me very nostalgic of when my family used to go backpacking around Southern Spain.

But it isn't just about the biomes. The Eden Project has beautiful surroundings such as wild cornwall and the gardens next to the biomes which are equally as interesting as the biomes, however a lot of tourists seem to go straight past them and head straight to the biomes.

On the second day we got to meet lots of workers and we also were lucky enough to receive a talk from Tim Smit who created the Eden Project. The story of how Eden came to be is really worth a read into, and Smit is an incredibly inspirational individual who I recommend you find out about and listen to one of his talks.

Overall Eden was pretty special and is definitely worth revisiting. They have loads of events throughout the year and as I am at University down here in Cornwall I will definitely keep checking what is happening there. The photographs I shared with you are not my project work and instead I shared some of the photographs I took for myself to remember the experience. I hope you like them and if there is anywhere else in Cornwall you think I should visit do let me know!