How to plan your next university semester!

The early bird catches the worm right?

So you've sorted your accommodation and feel all set for your next year at university whilst sipping margaritas on the beach. Here are some other things you can do over the summer to give you a head start for your next semester. 


Does your next semester require you to find an industry placement? Use your summer to research and even apply to some companies you'd love to complete your placement at. You could even begin planning an internship for next summer! 

Study Abroad

Are you considering studying abroad in your next year? Why not start researching your options and discussing your choices with your study abroad advisors and course tutors. It can be a lengthy application process so you may want to start drafting your letter of motivation in advance and begin putting together your portfolio or any sample work that you will also need to submit. This will mean that you don't have to worry about all these things once you start your next semester and get all of your module briefs. 

Get Planning

Do you have an inkling of what you'll be doing for your modules in your next semester? This is particularly relevant to creative degrees as you can already start researching ideas for your practical coursework and do some experiments. I have found my module outlines on my university's learning space and I am using that information to start brainstorming ideas and plan my initial course of action for when I return to campus. 


If you know what you will be doing in your modules in your next semester you may also be able to find your reading lists so you can get a head start. If you are back home for the holidays you may be able to become an associate member of a university closer to home. For example through SCONUL I have become an associate member of Sheffield Hallam University, which means I can go in and read their books and use their library facilities for studying whenever I want. 

Those are just a few ways you can get a head start and organised for your next semester. No one has to go crazy with studying in the holidays because we all deserve time  off. However chipping away at a few things once or twice a week will help you feel more confident and put together going into your next semester. 


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