Interning: how to make a good impression.


Interning is an amazing opportunity to make connections and gain real life experience in an industry you want to work in. Here are some tips to make a great impression and make the most of your time there. 


Having the confidence to answer the phone and make small talk with employees will make you a memorable and respected intern. Many employees may also discount you if you are reserved and not realise you have something to contribute. Exuding self confidence will show them you know what you are doing and make you more approachable. 

Have enthusiasm

No matter how tedious, carry out every task you do with the same amount of enthusiasm. This will show the company that you appreciate the opportunity they have given you and what goes into the operations of their business. Also ask to attend any meetings and shadow anyone who’s role in particular interests you. 

Be organised

My biggest tip for you to make the most out of your internship is to be organised. Carry a notebook with you at all times and write down names of people you meet, your tasks; their urgency and any useful information you will want to remember. The first few days especially will be a blur and if you don’t write down anything you may forget something important. 

Ask for feedback and one to ones

Most employees will appreciate any interest you take in their job and be happy to give you feedback on any tasks you have completed. Make sure you get to know the people you work with and at lunch especially you could ask them if they would be willing to share some of their own experiences in their industry with you and give you some career advice over coffee. 

Ask to keep in touch

Internships are a great opportunity to network and it is always worth keeping in touch with the people you meet in these places. They may be able to pass on a useful contact for you in the future or write you a reference for your next job application. So make sure to ask for email addresses and also add them to your Linkedin connections if they have an account. 

So those are my tips. If you are about to start an internship good luck and I hope you have an amazing experience.

careerEmily Allen