How to stay organised at university

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© veles_studio / Adobe Stock

Doing a creative degree means the majority of my work is coursework assessed and because of this it can take a lot of organising to make sure I am working efficiently across my modules. Often people think that doing a degree will be slightly easier then A Levels because you are studying one subject, when in fact each of your degree’s modules will feel like a completely different A Level. People often comment on my ability to plan things meticulously and be overtly organised as a student, so I thought today I would share some of the ways I organise my life at university. 

Commit to a calendar 

A calendar, a diary whatever works best. Personally I find having a big grid calendar up on my wall is a great way to organise my time because it is always visible to me. I write down lectures, talks, things I have planned to do in my free time and also when I am picking up and returning equipment from my university stores. 

Daily To do lists

To do lists are my absolute savour at university. I was extremely stressed and struggling to manage my time when I first started uni, but by my second semester I started writing a to do list every night to guide what I would be doing the following day. This method is also great if you struggle to sleep at night, because writing everything that needs doing down can take a real weight off your mind as you go to bed at night. I write bullet points from big tasks right down to simply doing my washing. I find being able to tick off some super achievable things whatever your mood really helps motivate you and be more productive. 

Write up module to do lists

I did say I love a good to do list. This is another trick I started in my first semester where I write down the main big tasks for each of my modules and stick them above my desk. This helps me write my nightly to do lists and also helps me see the bigger picture with everything (which can be hard at times). 

Set reminders on your phone

I use this more for appointments and urgent errands but setting reminders on your phone can be really useful for reminding you about smaller deadlines and even times where you need to go to the library and do that research you’ve been putting off. My reminders are super admin-y but you could even use yours to be your own personal cheerleader. 

Keep a blog 

This is more for organising your thoughts and research but keeping a private work blog is really useful for organising your coursework and essay research and ideas. If you have a big essay or reflective report to write it will take the stress off you to chip away at writing your thoughts and research down every couple of days. 

Those are just a few ideas to help you get more organised at university, do you have any ideas I have missed? If so let me know below…

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