Tips for Travelling Solo.

© Nongnuch Leelaphasuk / Adobe Stock

© Nongnuch Leelaphasuk / Adobe Stock

Travelling alone is amazing. You choose when to rest and when to be adventurous, only you witness your mistakes, and your triumphs of independence feel all the better. I have a lot of experience of travelling alone now and I’m about to head to London for two months for my second round of interning this year. Here are some of my tips for staying safe and organised when travelling solo. 


Planning is key to having any peace of mind and staying organised during your travels. I highly recommend making check lists of what you need to pack and any documents you need to take with you. You should also go and get any tickets and any insurance you will need for travelling in advance and research all of the routes you will be taking. Setting alarms and reminders on your phone is also a really useful thing to do because you’ll be the only person who can remind yourself what you will need to be doing at certain times. You don’t need to make your travels feel like a military operation but writing a general itinerary down for each day and having copies of all the documentation that you need will reduce any stress that can occur when you are travelling and and arriving at your destination. 

I also recommend not leaving your packing until the night before you need to leave and to pack light. Having one or two bags is ideal for travelling solo because you need to be able to keep your belongings close to you or in sight at all times. I tend to keep my valuables in an average sized rucksack that I can keep on my lap at all times and my clothes and other items in a medium sized suitcase that could potentially be put in overhead storage on trains. 

Staying Safe

I think the most useful tips for travelling alone that I can give you are to do with safety. As a young female travelling to cities especially can be really daunting and you have to be alert especially if you are carrying a lot of personal belongings. 

  • Keep to public places if you can, try not to wander down quieter streets if there is a busier route available to you
  • Do not sleep on public transport
  • Trust your instincts, if a situation doesn’t feel right leave
  • Do not keep all of your money in one place
  • Keep your phone and some money on you at all times
  • Avoid dressing like a tourist
  • Bring a padlock if you are staying in shared accommodation and also check to see if there is a locker safe for during the day time
  • Make sure you know the address of your accommodation should you need to get a taxi
  • Start your day earlier so that you can get more done during the daylight
  • Make sure someone at home knows vaguely what you’re doing each day
  • Be careful of street sellers and personal guided tours

And that concludes my tips for generally staying organised and safe whilst travelling solo. I will follow up this post with some more in depth posts on packing and planning but for now be sure to leave any of your tips below that I may of missed, and any other travel related topics you would like me to discuss! 

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