Otegha Uwagba: Little Black Book


Lately I have found myself investing in books more than ever. Now that I am starting to find a real sense a direction in my life I finally feel ready to start building a book collection that reflects who I am and my passions. I pretty much only read non fiction so my current collection mainly consists of educational/academic books and an array of advice books, which brings me on to today’s review. 


Little Black Book is a guidance book for female creative professionals to help them navigate their working lives, and is written by the founder of Women Who. Which is a network for creative working women worldwide. Otegha Uwagba has created this condensed, no nonsense guide informed by her own experiences working in London for various ad agencies, Vice Media and as a freelance writer and brand consultant. 


Full of inspiration and practical advice; Little Black Book offers a breakdown of everything you need to form your own self-made successful career. With advice on topics such as finance, networking and personal branding, this guide covers all of the bases when it comes to navigating your working life. 


A lot of the careers advice I have come across previously has felt quite cliche and fluffy but with this book I find the points really grounded and informative. As an undergraduate who is yet to find her feet in the working world this book has really been enlightening for me and has given me a lot of motivation and inspiration. My favourite chapters are on public speaking and personal branding and offer some really great tips on how to stand out and have confidence in yourself professionally. The Q&A chapter towards the end of book asks inspirational women to give some on advice based on their own successes which I find particularly motivational and often go back to reread. 


I love that this really is a little book because it means I can easily carry it around which I have been doing as I have been dipping in and out of it on bus journeys and whenever I go out on my own for coffee or lunch. And it genuinely feels like something I need to have to hand.


You could argue that all the information in this book could be found elsewhere online however I do think there is something special about how the information is presented in such a direct, concise way in this book. I bought this on a whim after it popped up in my suggestions on Wordery and I am so glad it did. 


For anyone like me who will soon be graduating or taking a leap in their professional life this is a must read. It is a straight talking, inspiring resource from a straight talking, inspiring lady.


Otegha Uwagba: Little Black Book £5.00

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