Don't Get a Job... Make a Job: How to Make it as a Creative Graduate.


Today's post is another book review for you all and as per usual it is a non-fiction read. I finished Don't Get a Job... Make a Job: How to Make it as a Creative Graduate in a day or so and have been meaning to share my thoughts on it ever since. As I could not put this book down on my train journey into London from Sheffield the other week and have found it already so inspiring. 

Don't Get a Job... Make a Job is written by design writer and academic Gem Barton. It is aimed at designers and architects however I think the advice given in this book is really transferable to anyone wishing to find their place in the creative industries. This bright, well designed book is split into seven chapters including topics such as putting yourself out there, specialism vs diversity and going it alone vs teaming up

This book addresses what many of us entering the creative industries are now facing; that there are a finite number of positions available due to economic instability and the rise of graduate numbers all competing for the same positions. However more than ever we are seeing creatives take matters into their own hands, demonstrating entrepreneurial initiative in finding work for themselves and this is exactly what this book celebrates. 

Each of the chapters shares personal account case studies of these new trailblazers in the creative industries. We get to read about their working methods, strategies and why and how they decided to create their own jobs for themselves. 


What I have learnt from this book is that carving your own path whether that be through freelancing or creating your own business, takes a variety of skills and personal qualities. What these people all possess however is drive, determination and the confidence to try something that at the end of the day is risky. It is easy to become dependent on your CV and forget that some achievements won't be earned in your life by handing over a CV or interviewing for a position. Some of your greatest achievements will be things you had to push for without getting someone's approval. 

I don't need to tell you that it is competitive out there. Those who have entrepreneurial flair and who are driven as well as talented will go far and this book will inspire you to consider an alternative path that could make you very successful. 

Don't Get a job... Make a job: Gem Barton | £8.73

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