Meeting deer & saying goodbye.


For today’s post I am sharing some photographs that I took on a special family day out in Derbyshire this week. When me and my sister were very young we used to visit the Chestnut Centre with our parents which is an otter and owl wildlife park just outside of Chapel-en-le-Frith in the Peak District. I am about to say goodbye to my family for three months because I am interning and returning to university, and because of this we felt we were due a family outing and revisiting a childhood favourite felt like the perfect choice. 

The Chestnut Centre is a known for it’s conservation efforts and many of its resident species such as the giant otter are endangered and a part of their breeding programmes designed to hopefully release more of each species back into their natural habitat. The owls are all rescues in the park and many of the deer were found abandoned and have subsequently been taken in by the Chestnut Centre. 

Our personal highlight of the day was feeding the herd of fallow deer and two sika deer which we felt really privileged to be able to do as deer are very shy animals. We had to be patient with them but eventually a few of them warmed to us; particularly my sister. 

The other animals at the park are also great to see down in the woodland and as a family we really enjoyed the otter and polecat feeding and seeing all the different species of owls they have onsite. 

Pickwick the Asian Short-Clawed Otter: the most puppy like otter we have ever seen

Pickwick the Asian Short-Clawed Otter: the most puppy like otter we have ever seen


As I am writing this post it is my last full day in Sheffield with my family and although I am always sad to leave them I am excited for the next three months. I am moving to London to intern for a company I would really love to work for, then I am returning to Cornwall to continue my second year of my degree where myself and a committee will be planning an exhibition we will be organising in London. Oh and I am also heading to New York at the end of November!  

I will attempt to keep you all updated during these busy next few months whilst I make some big steps in my life. My summer has been a mix of work and play with my family and friends but I cannot wait to start this second year of craziness!