A room tour | University edition


Fancy a nosey around my third year bedroom?

This morning I handed in my final projects at uni, and it won’t be long now until I have a degree! They’re not lying when they say it goes by quickly, it really does. I haven’t found myself mourning my three years of study just yet, and instead I find myself excited about the future and feeling almost ready to move on. I do, however, feel an urge to document my last moments in Falmouth, which brings me onto today’s video post.

My first two years of student living were not the greatest to say the least. In first year I lived with strangers in halls, which was mostly fun but I had a lot of things stolen off me by one of my flatmates, and don’t get me started on second year. I was glad to spend half of it abroad in Poland, put it that way. Third year was when it all turned around as I moved into a cosy three bedroom place with two of my favourite people. I’ve especially loved adding my own touches to my room and my big window with a view of our currently rather overgrown garden.

So as a way to document the space I love, that I’ve spent endless hours working in over the last year, I’ve made a little stop motion video sharing some of my favourite details.


Thanks for watching! x