University: a final note.


It has been three years since I finished my college work and began stressing over whether or not I would get the grades to get into my dream university. Everyone around me was probably fed up of me talking about it, and I spent my final shifts at my Costco job, imagining what my first semester at Falmouth would be like. Three years later I find myself on the sofa in my cosy third year accommodation, days away from handing in my final projects for my degree in Press and Editorial Photography. 

It’s been a busy three years, full of highs and lows. I’m not very good at being mindful and in the present, usually because I’m planning or worrying about the future, but three days ago I began renting my own studio in London! I cannot believe I get to write that, it’s so surreal, and next month I start a full time job! If you’d have told me that I’d be writing all this three years ago, I would have told you to pull the other one. 
So why am I writing this post? Well not only have I left everyone in the dark of late on this little corner of the internet I call my own, but I also haven’t had the chance up until now to really stand back and catch my breath. The last month has involved two stints in London to find my own studio, long days of completing my projects at home, in Brighton and London, and I have had a family revelation that I could probably write a mystery novel about. It’s all been a bit mad really. 

The last three years haven’t been easy, and it’s mostly why I’ve been quiet on this blog. Back in college I would escape here and write to my hearts desire, but at uni I have felt guilty even planning what I want to do with this space. This is all about to change, because suddenly with this unfamiliar feeling of having time to myself, I feel an urge to create, and I have grown a new found confidence. 

I had to write a reflective piece recently about my time at university, which I think has helped me be a lot more mindful at present. They say being at university is the best three years of your life. Maybe for some, but I know in my heart that I’m ready to move on, which probably reads a bit sickly, but it’s true. I have met some of my favourite people here and had some unforgettable moments, but full time education, I am done with ya! At least for a few years. 

I’m ready for the world of work and a change of scenery, and it’s finally time to start writing again.