Editorial Design

Syrup magazine branding

Syrup magazine branding

Syrup Magazine

Founded by myself and my friend Chelsea, Syrup is a dessert themed publication and online community that celebrates the sweeter things in life. In our print issue and on our website we share our favourite recipes and makers of desserts and treats from around the UK! As designer and co-editor my roles include layout design, branding, writing and photography.

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Flore Magazine

In the age of personal branding and social media, it can be hard to switch off and disconnect. Studies have shown that young adults, especially females, are experiencing increased levels of burnout and work related stress. Flore is a magazine I created during my studies that aims to understand these issues and provide a space that speaks to young women, with an accessible and inspiring voice. Encouraging mindfulness, self care and a healthy work/life balance. I created Issue one using my own photography and illustrations to demonstrate the style of content I would like the publication to have.


A feature on the singer/songwriter Rue for the magazine Oh Comely. Design, photography and writing by me.


Poster Design

‘Find your interior in Domoteka’ & ‘Milan at Domoteka’

‘Find your interior in Domoteka’ & ‘Milan at Domoteka’


Posters for Domoteka

As part of my imaging for media studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw, I was given a client brief to design a series of posters for Warsaw based interior design store Domoteka. The brand creates contemporary designs of furniture and home decor, which I tried to reflect in my illustrated posters for the store.


Take Back Control

Take Back Control is a visual response to the influence of British tabloid newspapers during the EU referendum campaign. Combining front page headlines with the visual language of World War posters, to explore how language used during the campaign similarly focused on themes of sovereignty. Since joining the EU in 1973, the UK has had the most eurosceptic press of all EU members, with two of the UK’s top selling newspapers, The Sun and the Daily Express, often reporting on the actions of the EU with mockery and contempt. 

During the EU referendum these newspapers amplified claims of the Vote Leave campaign in support of leaving the EU, often using misleading claims about immigration to target their audiences. Take Back Control seeks to explore how a demographic who feel left behind in modern day Britain, might have been influenced by such anti-EU publications.