PDF portfolio available upon request


As part of my degree studies at Falmouth University, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and experience at Square Up Media I have taken on various client and self directed briefs in branding, poster and magazine design.

Press & Event Photography

I syndicate my press photography through REX Features as a freelance contributor to the agency. I have photographed events such as London Fashion Week, music and theatre performances and various arts and media photo calls. 


Food Photography

Editorial and commercial food photography is something I am particularly passionate about. I take on commissions through Mayn Creative for commercial events and food photography and was shortlisted in the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards 2018.

Documentary & Multimedia

As part of my degree and personal work I have created various long form projects, both video and image based.


My Mum and Anorexia - book

My Mum and Anorexia is a book I have created to document both my mother’s experience with anorexia, and my experience as a child of someone with anorexia. Through dissecting this disorder I hope for this project to tackle misconceptions and stereotypes about this eating disorder, by providing a unique insight into life with anorexia.