PDF portfolio available upon request

Press + Events

I syndicate my press photography through REX Features as a freelance contributor to the agency. I have photographed events such as London Fashion Week, music and theatre performances and various art and media photo calls. 


Editorial and commercial food photography is something I am particularly passionate about as a photographer. I am represented by Mayn Creative for my commercial events and food photography and have been shortlisted in the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards 2018.

Documentary + Multimedia

As part of my degree and personal work I have created various long form projects, both video and image based.


Graphic Design

My graphic work consists of editorial and poster design, both created as part of my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Falmouth University and as a design intern at Square Up Media

Below is an example of a feature I photographed and designed for the magazine Oh Comely and one of three posters I created for the interior store Domoteka in Warsaw